• Image of Verdelet - Against All Odds CD (2019)

We present to you... 'Against All Odds', the new Verdelet album, as recorded on the 31st March 2019, at one rehearsal, in one take; No frills, No bullshit. It was also the very last time that Vadok played through these songs.

Live, loud, unhinged and uncompromising, this is - at the very least - a true representation of the spirit of Verdelet... and ultimately a fitting tribute to Vadok's legacy.

Album release date:
17 September 2019


1. Last Rays of the Sun
2. A Thousand Lifetimes
3. Unfinished Business
4. Endless Deceit
5. Lost, Incapable of Triumph
6. To the Ends of the Earth
7. Nemesis Within
8. *Wherein They Dwell (bonus track)

Produced by Verdelet & Bleiki. 44 copies have been signed by the band.